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PA Named Chair Of VermontBoard of Medical practice
William Hoser, MS, PA-C Chair 
of the Vermont Board of
Medical Practice
April 27, 2015….read more


Vermont Medicaid:
ICD-10 Awareness
Please click the link below to see an announcement that contains important information . . . read more

What is the Physician Assistant Academy of Vermont (PAAV)?

Perhaps the best way to answer that question is with a brief review of the PAAV’s history.
The PAAV has been around since the mid-seventies, at a time when we shared the Board of Medicine chair with informally trained PAs. That tract to practice is now gone. We were also there when BCBS wanted to alter our reimbursement. When the phrase describing PAs as the “agents of the physician” was added, it cleared up many concerns and allowed us to maintain our current favorable reimbursement schedule. It also confirmed that nurses would take our orders, something they were uncomfortable with at first.
The recent statutory changes that took Vermont PAs from certification to licensure and cleaned up some other loose ends (like dropping the “s” on Physician[‘s] assistant) was done through the hard work of the PAAV in cooperation with the AAPA.
The PAAV is currently involved in discussions regarding the recent changes to Vermont statutes proposed by the APRNs, several of which could affect PA practice.
In short, the PAV has been “watching the backs” of Vermont PAs for over thirty years. The favorable practice environment we all enjoy in Vermont isn’t accidental. It has come about through the hard work of a few Vermont PAs who are committed to the PAAV Board of Directors to act in all PAs’ best interests.
We are YOUR PAAV. We are YOUR VOICE in Montpelier and on the national stage. Please join so that we can truly say we really do represent most of the practicing PAs in Vermont.