A message from our 2017 Devlin Scholarship Awardee – Sonali Herath, PA-S

My name is Sonali Herath and I am a first year student attending the Physician assistant program at Duke University.  As an aspiring physician assistant hoping to work in Vermont, I feel deeply honored to be a recipient of the Martin Devlin scholarship. Although I am not a native Vermonter, I fell in love with Vermont when I accepted the opportunity to attend the University of Vermont for my Master’s degree in Pathology. I was immediately drawn to the small town vibe, the friendly people, and the beauty of the majestic green mountains. Since then I have proudly called Vermont my home.

Following graduation from the University of Vermont, I accepted an opportunity to work at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in White River Junction, Vermont as a clinical research coordinator. Serving the veteran population of Vermont and New Hampshire has been one of my greatest career accomplishments to date. I really enjoyed making a difference in the lives of veterans and through this experience, I also had the opportunity to learn and work closely with wonderful doctors, nurses, and Physician assistants.  I can honestly say this was an incredibly fulfilling job and inspired me to return to Vermont and work as a Physician Assistant.

I recently completed my first semester at Duke, it was exciting but also challenging at times. There were many long days and nights of studying, but what helped me stay motivated were my memories of working and studying in Vermont and the beautiful green mountains. I am looking forward to the upcoming semester where I will be diving in to clinical course work as well as clinical rotations. I am sad to say that I will not be able to attend the conference this year due to timing constraints within my program but I hope to do so once I become a full time Physician assistant practicing in Vermont.